The team

operationair group
Team OperationAIR (Disclaimer: This photo was taken before the social distancing measurement)

OperationAIR is a non-profit student team, consisting of 50 studentens from Delft University of Technology. The initiative was started by prof. Jaap Harlaar, director of the educational program Technical Medicine, and students MSc Technical Medicine. In the meantime, the team has become multidisciplinary with the addition of students Biomedial Enineering, Industrial Design, Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering. All participants of OperationAIR work with great enthusiasm on a volunteer basis, without conflict of interest.


The team consists of four departments:

Management & Communication (M&C)
Internal and external communication is facilitated by M&C. Also financial, legal and regulatory aspects of design and production of our ventilator are managed from this department.

Team Design focuses in the requirements, design, prototyping and development of our intended ventilator.

This team works on the production of the AIRone. They set up a supply chain and keep contact with our suppliers and the assembly company.

Team International enables the spread of our knowledge to other countries. The team members worked on finishing the documentation in order to share our design and documentation open source. In addition, they have contact with other initiatieves worldwide and answer questions about the development, production and implementation of emergency ventilators. Also, they offer active support to other initiatives.