ma. 08 juni 2020Gemiddeld 1 minuut leestijd

OperationAIR is looking for a partner for further development and international distribution

Approximately two months ago our student team started with the goal to prevent potential shortages of ventilators that could occur in the Netherlands due to COVID-19. After designing a rapidly manufacturable emergency ventilator, the AIRone, we were ready to start production if necessary. Fortunately, the need for ventilators in the Netherlands has decreased. Therefore, it is unlikely that our ventilators will be needed on the ICUs at short notice.

In April production of 80 emergency ventilators has been commissioned by the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. By going through the entire production process we are better prepared when a second wave hits. At the moment the production has started and the emergency ventilators are being tested thoroughly to solve encountered teething problems.

The need for ventilators is still high in some other countries. As we, the students of OperationAIR, are going to resume our studies, it is not possible for us to continue with OperationAIR internationally. We believe that there are lots of opportunities unexplored concerning further development of the AIRone and continuation of OperationAIR, mainly focused on third-world countries. That is why we are looking for a partner that can continue our initiative in these countries.

The design of the AIRone and the additional documentation has been made publicly available on this website. We have supported various initiatives from different countries (Colombia, Indonesia, South Africa and Hungary) in their own design process. With initiatives in India we are exploring the possibilities for further development of the AIRone and setting up production locally. Furthermore, we have explored the need for ventilators in third-world countries, as shortages are a real threat in Sub-Saharan African countries.

By sharing our knowledge and contacts (after permission) with a partner for international distribution of our design, other countries could be supported in their fight against COVID-19. If you are interested or would like to receive more information, please feel free to contact us via